Portland, OREGON May 30, 2014 – Portland’s one-of-a-kind Italian language preschool is accepting registration for the 2014 – 15 school year. The Reggio Emilia, Italian immersion program is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. Children ages 3 to 5 years may enroll from one to five days per week. The preschool is located at 1542 NW 14th Ave in the Zimmerman Community Center, in the Pearl District.

Time is running out to visit the preschool before it closes for the summer on June 12th. To arrange a visit, meet the teacher, and learn more about this excellent program, please email info@scuola.us or call 971-270-0471.

An exceptional program: Scuola Italiana Preschool is taught using one of the most respected approaches to education worldwide, the Reggio Emilia approach. This approach fosters children’s intellectual development using the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.

A professional, native Italian teacher: Lara Carnovali is an experienced, native Italian teacher who came to Scuola Italiana from Milan, Italy. Lara has crafted a wonderfully appealing program that employs a background integrated curriculum in which lessons/activities/crafts etc. are organized around a central theme. This type of curriculum has been proven to engage and inspire children in active learning. More importantly, they LOVE IT!! The program provides ample opportunities to develop social skills, improve motor skills, acquire Italian language, and gain basic number and letter knowledge. The program includes all of the same elements of preschool with the added advantage of second language exposure.

The bilingual advantage: Learning a second language brightens a child’s future by opening and expanding the mind, literally! Language learning enhances cognitive skills, creative problem solving, and even lends itself to a greater acceptance of diverse cultures and customs. Studies show that children with proficiency or exposure to a second language at an early age often demonstrate superior problem-solving skills and enjoy better school performance then peers without language exposure. In today’s global economy, being bilingual is a competitive advantage.

Low student to teacher ratio: To provide the very best learning environment, Scuola Italiana preschool maintains a 4:1 student teacher ratio and limits class size to no more than 12 students. This allows the teacher to focus closely on students and maximize learning. A native Italian assistant is present in most every class, which allows students even greater exposure to the language.

Scuola Italiana operates mission is to promote the Italian language and culture to children and adults in a student-centered environment, nurturing responsible, global citizens by providing cross-cultural understanding and fostering a deep appreciation for world civilizations that intersect with the Italian culture.

Established in 2006, Scuola Italiana is the only Italian language school for children in the Portland metropolitan area. In addition to preschool, the school also offers after-school, weekend classes, and summer camps for children. The school also offers an adult immersion program.