School Policies

School Policies

Thank you for becoming a part of the Scuola Italiana di Portland family by enrolling your child(ren) in Italian language classes with us.

Class Hours and Promptness
Classes will begin and end promptly. Scuola Italiana di Portland does not offer early drop off or after care. Please make every effort to get your child(ren) to class on time and to pick them up as soon as class is over. To minimize classroom disruptions, we also ask that you make every effort to avoid coming early to pick up your child(ren.)

Make-Up Classes
Due to our small size and limited scheduling opportunities, at present, make-up classes are not available, for any reason.

Class Observation and Participation
To best facilitate learning and reduce distractions in class, observing a regularly scheduled class is typically not allowed. Parents wishing to observe the classroom(s) and teachers in action prior to enrollment are encouraged and welcome to attend one of our Open Houses. This is an ideal opportunity to see the teachers at work with children in a classroom environment.

While we welcome the volunteer support of parents and others in furthering the growth of the Scuola Italiana di Portland, we are not able to accommodate parents as volunteers in the classroom environment during class times. This maximizes the ability of our teachers and students to build a strong direct relationship with each other during limited class time together.

Sick Child Policy
If your child has a fever or a very active cold, please keep them at home for the day. Children will be in close contact as they participate in Scuola activities. If your child is contagious to others please be courteous to other students and keep your child at home.

Pick up and release Policy
Staff will ONLY release your child(ren) to adults (parents and emergency contacts) already listed on your Application Form. If you wish to authorize any other adults to pick up your child they must be pre-approved by you, by listing them on the Student Emergency Record Form. Note that these contacts will be required to provide photo ID in order to leave with your child. Please inform your child’s teacher if there will be a change in who is retrieving your child(ren) when you drop your child off for class.

Additional Rules and Policies
For classes held at the Catlin Gabel School campus, we ask that all participating families and children abide by the general rules and codes of conduct as laid out in Catlin Gabel Schools’ Parent Handbook. We ask the same for any facility where our classes may be held. We also recommend that all “Cuccioli” (3-5 years old) bring a complete change of clothes with them every time they attend class, including appropriate rain gear for the season. Please note, however, that since we are using space normally occupied by other classes at the school that there will not be permanent storage for your child(ren)s things in their classroom or at the school.

It is also important that all items be labeled for identification in case of loss. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

To maximize the amount of time the teacher has to work with students, and to minimize mess and disruption we must ask that young children attending classes at Scuola Italiana di Portland be toilet-ready prior to enrolling.

Withdrawal & Refund Policies
Registration fee refunds
A refund of registration fees may be made under the following circumstances:

  • student(s) must be withdrawn a minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of classes*
  • refund will be minus a $75 processing fee per student


Tuition Refunds
Tuition is due prior to the start of class. (Please see Late tuition/ child exclusion policy below.)

Refunds prior to commencement of classes:
If you pay tuition, but choose to withdraw your child(ren) before commencing classes, you will receive a full tuition refund minus a $75 processing fee. Please note that you must withdraw a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of classes to be eligible for the full refund (minus $75 fee.)

Tuition refunds once classes have begun:
In the unlikely event that you should need to withdraw your child(ren) once the term has begun, we offer a refund of 50% of the balance of remaining tuition, reimbursed at the end of the session. This is also the refund policy for withdrawal less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of classes.

This is to keep us from sustaining an untenable financial loss. Before signing up for a class, we urge you to consider carefully if you are able and willing to commit for the duration. Thank you for your understanding as we work to build this fledgling program.

If a Scuola Italiana di Portland course does not proceed, for whatever reason, we will refund, in full, all remaining tuition paid. This does NOT include initial Registration fees except when a scheduled class is cancelled by the school.  At that time, fees will be either fully or partially refunded depending on timing of the cancellation.

Late Tuition/ Child Exclusion Policy
Please note that if tuition payment is not received prior to the beginning of the first day of classes (and you have not made other specific arrangements beforehand) your child(ren) may be excluded from participating in class.

Pro-rated or Partial Tuition
As a general rule, we are not able to offer pro-rated or partial tuition. Doing so is at the discretion of Scuola staff and board on a per case basis.

*Refund requests must either be made in writing, to: Scuola Italiana di Portland, P.O. Box 6507, Portland, OR 97228-3061, or via email at