Portland, OREGON July 18, 2013 – For the past two years, Scuola Italiana di Portland has offered Beginner and Advanced level Italian lessons for children, grades 2 to 6, at Catlin Gabel School, located on the west side of Portland. While Catlin Gabel School is a private school, our after school lessons are open to the public.

The classes are taught by Lara Carnovali, an experienced, native Italian elementary school teacher. Lara creates an encouraging, dynamic, collaborative, and FUN environment in her classroom. Students are often taken by surprise to discover class is over. They’ve been so wrapped up in the activities that they’ve lost track of time!

Beginner students read, write, and speak the language as they move through thematic units designed to engage them in hands on learning activities. These activities facilitate growth in vocabulary and grammar skills and guide them toward higher levels of language proficiency.

The advanced class is designed to maximize student learning experience in a creative and collaborative environment, and to guide students in becoming fluent in the Italian language. Throughout this course, students work together in pairs and small groups as they participate in fluency-based activities such as language games, crossword puzzles, read alouds, and creative writing activities. It is through these various activities that students gain the skills necessary to effectively communicate in a variety of real-life contexts and become fluent in the language.

View the complete 2013 – 14 After School Schedule here. The link is near the bottom of the page. Register for classes here.

For more information, visit our website or email info@scuola.us